Air conditioning that suits your needs

For the last 21 years we have been repairing all brands of air-conditioning units and we are aware of certain technical inherent problems of some brands. ATC therefore recommends the brand we trust and that has maintained their level of quality throughout. 

Midwall Split Units Air-conditioners

The most popular choice today for home airconditioning, these have separate indoor and outdoor units, requiring only a small hole for installation, and are very quiet in operation.

Cassette Split Air-conditioners

Mounted in the ceiling, these are often used in commercial applications as well as in upmarket homes. Like High Wall Splits, they have separate outdoor units and are very quiet.

Hideaway/Ducted Split Air-conditioners

More frequently used in commercial and industrial applications (Retail) or home areas from 40m2 upwards, these utilise ducts to carry cooled or heated air to rooms, and have separate outdoor units.

Under-ceiling Split Units

This system is utilized specifically for retail outlets and long extended open-plan office spaces where the ceiling spaces area restricted or do not apply.  These machines are designed to discharge air over considerable distances.

Console Airconditioning

Great for offices with external walls.

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